Daughters of the North: A Novel by Sarah Hall

daughtersHarper Perennial, 2008 ISBN: 0061430366. Originally published in the UK under the title “The Carhullan Army.”

In this fascinating dystopia, we find a future not too hard to imagine: the low-lying lands of England have flooded due to global warming, the economy has crashed, social structures have fallen by the wayside, and the government has been taken over by “the Authority.”

Many years ago young Sister heard about a group of women living on the land self-sufficiently in the upper Lake District, and now, as a disaffected wife, she sets off in the hope that they are still there and will take her in. What she finds is both shocking and gratifying, and she finds she must soon make a choice from which she can never turn back.

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Filed under ***** Must Read, 2000s

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