Debbie Harry Sings in French by Meagan Brothers

debbyHenry Holt & Co., 2008 ISBN: 0805080805

After Johnny’s father dies, his mother takes to her bed and he has to figure out how to pay bills, and keep them afloat. He starts drinking to deal with the stress, and when, four years later, his mother decides she’s ready to function again, he’s resentful of her interference in the life he’s managed to put together for himself.

After he ODs and spends some time in rehab, she sends him to live with an uncle. Despite not wanting to go, it turns out to be a good move for him. He finds a girlfriend, is gay-bashed, and realizes, in a very funny set of circumstances that he’s a transvestite, and carves out a new life for himself. Ultimately he finds the strength to resist his mother’s insistence that he come home with her.

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Filed under *** A good read, 2000s

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