Shock-Proof Sydney Skate by Marijane Meaker

sydneyHarper, 1972 and 2002     ISBN: 0060087919

This is an early lesbian novel, particularly coming from a major publishing house (Little, Brown, 1972), and, as the subtitle lets you know, it is definitely “A Novel of Our (its) Time.”

Sydney, just graduated, obsessed with sex, has come home to Manhattan from boarding school, where his mother continues to live her fast-paced life running an ad agency and managing the crises amongst her circle of upper-crust lesbians whom she talks about in code, with one of each couple given a male name. She somehow thinks that Sydney is innocent of all this, although he has been aware since a young age that his mother and her friends were different. He has played along with her ploy, but this summer, things get dicey when he finds she is pursuing the same young woman that he is.

Older teens may enjoy this entertaining novel, which is a dated, but fun read from a lesbian author of several adult and young adult gay and lesbian titles, mostly written under the name M.E. Kerr.


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2 responses to “Shock-Proof Sydney Skate by Marijane Meaker

  1. This is a great book review and makes me wonder at what age would this book be appropriate? I see you say older teens, but would high school kids still be too young?

    • silverrod

      No, I think high school students who have a quirky sense of humor would get a kick out of it. It is very 1960s, upper-crust, in-the-closet fun.

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