Wanted: A Bird Blacker Bounty-Hunter Mystery by T.I. Alvarado

aAlyson Books, 2006

Lesbian – Adult/Teen Interest

Ladybird “Bird” Blacker is an anal-retentive ex-cop, lesbian bounty hunter who is unlucky in love, and often on the job, working with a partner who practices yoga, doesn’t want to carry a gun, and leaves the bullets out of it when he does.

Bird’s twenty-year-old sister Ruby shows up out of the blue and moves into her tiny apartment with her. Ruby is a slob, she’s dropped out of college, which Bird has been paying for, and she’s all excited about helping Bird with her job, having a TV concept about what all is involved.

Thy catch a tax fraud bail jumper, and then learn he’s the son of the local mob leader. The mob kidnaps Ruby, and Bird tries to arrange an exchange of prisoners. A wild series of mishaps, and violent escapdes occur, with Bird running into her latest ex-lover in an unexpected location and role. Ruby turns out to have some tricks up her sleeve.

A fast, and entertaining read.


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Filed under *** A good read, 2000s, Adult/Teen, Lesbian

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