Marco Impossible by Hannah Moskowitz

marcoRoaring Brook, 2013.

Gay – Middle School/High School

Stephen and Marco have been best friends for years. Known for their pranks, and detective works, one of which uncovered the fact that Stephen’s father was having an affair, they are finishing middle school with one last blast: Marco wants Stephen to help him get them into the high school senior prom, where Marco’s crush, Benji, will be performing with his band. Benji is going away for the summer, and Marco will be going to private school in the fall – so this is Marco’s one chance to declare his feelings to Benji.

Of course everything becomes more complicated than planned, not the least of which is the fact that Marco is clearly being targeted by bullies, something which Marco wants to ignore, while Stephen feels responsible for protecting him. Stephen feels growing resentment at being taken for granted, and the friends erupt in anger at each other, even as they try to follow through with what seems to be turning into a series of less and less funny disasters.

A very good book about friendship.  Recommended

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Filed under **** Highly recommended, 2010s, Middle School

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