My Life After Now by Jessica Verdi

Publication7Sourcebooks, 2013.

Gay – High School

Sixteen-year-old Lucy feels like everything is going wrong in her life: new student, and drama camp rival Elyse wins the role of Juliet that Lucy had expected to get. Then her boyfriend of two years, Ty, who is playing Romeo, dumps her for Elyse. On top of that her mother, Lisa, who has made exactly two previous appearances in her life has arrived, and Lucy’s dads decide to let her stay with them.

Lucy can’t imagine how much worse things can get, but waking up with a horrible hangover in a strange bed, with a naked man she only vaguely recognizes is just the beginning of it. When she tests positive for HIV, she is ready to give up. The support of her two fathers, a support group they force her to go to, and ultimately the support of a couple of long-term friends and a potential new boyfriend help her regain her desire to fight for her future.

This well-written book tackles a subject that has been largely neglected – that of white middle-class heterosexual teens who contract HIV. Most recent books focus on HIV/AIDS in the gay community, or, more often, among young people in Africa.

The fact that Lucy has two fathers is treated matter-of-factly.


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