The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy by S. Bear Bergman

aFlamingo Rampant, 2012.

Transgender – Preschool/Elementary School

Tulip, an adorable little fairy with a bow-tie and a top-knot, has a job as a Birthday Wish Fairy. He sorts all the birthday wishes into piles, dealing with the easy ones, for a new doll, or truck, first. He sends wishes for new brothers or sisters upstairs to the department that handles things like that, and for those who wished not to have a new sibling, the wishes are washed into their underlying concern – to still have the love and attention of their parents. Some wishes he can’t do anything about, like making parents recover from illness, or to stop hitting, or to bring more money to the family, but even for these children, Tulip tries to find small ways to brighten their days.

For children who wish they looked different, he devoted a good fifteen minutes of smiling to each, so they would feel better about themselves and realize they weren’t so different from anyone else.

But then a wish that stumped Tulip arrived. A boy named David had wished on his birthday candles to become a girl named Daniela. After thinking for a while about this wish, Tulip consulted the Birthday Wish Fairy Rule Book, and followed the instruction to meet with the Wish Fairy Captain. She explained to Tulip that some children are born into bodies that don’t match who they are inside.

Following the Wish Fairy Captain’s instructions carefully, he granted Daniela the bravery she would need when people didn’t understand her, Clear Sight Sparkles for Daniela’s family so they can see her as she really is, and Teaching Toothpaste for everyone, so they can help Daniela’s teachers and doctors understand her, and lastly, a special Wish Fairy Kiss, so she will know that her dreams will come true if she holds onto them.

Somehow, although it’s not in his job description, Tulip continues to visit Daniela and her family to see how they’re doing and to help them if he can. One day, the Wish Fairy Captain calls him to her office to ask why he’s doing this since it’s no longer Daniela’s birthday. Tulip explains that he thinks Daniela and her family can use some extra help now and then, and the Wish Fairy Captain smiles and offers him the job of Gender Wish Fairy.

While wordy for the youngest audiences, this is a delightful book for families with transgender children.


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