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Sexile/Sexilio by Jaime Cortez

[Los Angeles]:  Institute for Gay Men’s Health, c2004.

Gay/Transgender – Adult/Teen interest

This bi-lingual graphic novel tells the story of a Cuban exile who first thinks he’s gay, then realizes he’s really transgender.

Some “mature” content.


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“Labyrinth” by Lois McMaster Bujold

aOriginally published in Analog, August, 1989; included in Borders of Infinity.  Baen, 1989; and also in Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem. Baen, 2001.

Intersex – Adult/Teen Interest

In this novella in the Vorkosigan series, Bel Thorne, a person who is described as being fully hermaphroditic – the preferred term on Bel’s home planet of Beta Colony – serves under Miles in a mission to Jackson’s Whole. Bel flirts with Miles, who is attracted, but can’t stop thinking of Bel as male.

Bel also appears as a supporting character in The Warrior’s Apprentice, The Vor Game, Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance, Memory, and Diplomatic Immunity.

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A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold

aBaen, 1999.   Transgender – Adult/Teen Interest

In one of the many story threads in this volume of the Vorkosigan Saga, Lady Donna Vorrutyer travels to Beta Colony to have a sex change operation in order to prevent a loathed cousin from inheriting a title and lands. As a woman, Lady Donna was married three times, and as Count Dono Vorrutyer, marries again and has a child. Count Dono also appears briefly in Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance (Baen, 2012).

Other titles in the series will be of interest to LGBTQ readers. While this title can be read as a stand-alone, readers will be missing a great deal of background information and character development.

The author’s suggestion for the order in which to read the series can be found here:

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Choir Boy by Charlie Anders

aSoft Skull Press, 2005.  

Transgender – Adult/Teen Interest

Thirteen-year-old Berry wants nothing more than to remain a choirboy all his life. In humorous and heart-rending fashion Berry goes from nerdy teen to confused transgender-kid.  Anders brings new life to the term teenage angst.

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