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Sexile/Sexilio by Jaime Cortez

[Los Angeles]:  Institute for Gay Men’s Health, c2004.

Gay/Transgender – Adult/Teen interest

This bi-lingual graphic novel tells the story of a Cuban exile who first thinks he’s gay, then realizes he’s really transgender.

Some “mature” content.


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How Beautiful the Ordinary, edited by Michael Cart

aBowen Press / Harper Teen, 2009

LGBTQ – High School

Editor Michael Cart has collected twelve stories about     LGBT youth identity in the form of short stories, graphic fiction, and verse, by well-known young-adult, and adult authors including Francesca Lia Block, Gregory Maguire, Jacqueline Woodson, Ariel Schrag, Emma Donoghue, and others.

There is something for everyone in this collection: stories of ghosts and girls trapped in walls serving as metaphors for transgendered teens trapped in the wrong body; handsome highway men and soldiers for a stable boy to lust after; stories of first love; and of first making love. One graphic short story is about two teens who make conflicting wishes when they meet a genie, leaving all three of them tortured; the other is about the San Francisco Dyke March.

While there is some sex, most of it is left to the imagination, good as in Julie Anne Peter’s “First Time,” and unsettling, as in William Sleator’s “Fingernail,” a disturbing story about the sex trade between older western men, and young boys in Thailand. In this particular story, the Thai “boy” is already a young man of twenty and thus technically legal, unlike much of the sex trade that actually takes place there between men and underage boys. But the abusive relationship that he finds himself in is almost equally disturbing.

Some of the stories may actually be of more interest to older readers than to teens: in particular, David Levithan’s “A Word from the Nearly Distant Past,” in which Levithan recounts the experiences of generations past as they dealt with being in the closet, dealing with the AIDS crisis, etc., and exhorts the younger generation to make sure that they live for future generations, as much as for themselves. Emma Donoghue’s “Dear Lang,” is a letter from a lesbian mother who has been denied access to her now sixteen-year-old son by his biological mother, in which she tells the story of how she came to be barred from his life, and how she is just now taking the chance of having another child with a new partner.

One of the best stories is Jacqueline Woodson’s insightful “Trev,” about a transgendered child, and the struggles he has with his family and at school to be who he really is. Trev’s mother both reassures him that he isn’t the reason his father left, and yet whispers her wish to him every night at bedtime, that Trev will wake up “my sugar and spice, and everything nice.”

Recommended for all teens.

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The Broken Road by Sean Michael

brokenTorquere Press, 2006     ISBN: 1934166391

Ard and West grow up as best friends in a rural area. West is eager to get out as soon as possible, while Ard both loves farm life, and is stuck supporting his family after the death of his father and the breakdown of his mother. West comes out, and goes through a series of unsuitable boyfriends before finding true love–only to be destroyed when his lover is killed. Meanwhile, Ard watches helplessly over the years, too terrified to confess his love. When they finally do get together, their bond is more than either of them could have imagined.

The writing is weak and stilted at times, particularly in the first half of the book, but does improve as the book goes on. Some good sex scenes in the latter part of the book. Older teens will enjoy.

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Screwed Up Life of Charlie The Second by Drew Ferguson

The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second

Kensington, 2008 ISBN: 0758227086

Charlie is the not only the dork of his senior high school class, but is harassed for being gay, and is a huge disappointment to his father. On top of that,t his best friend since second grade now has a girlfriend, so he finds himself with a lot of time on his hands (and a lot of time with his hands on his dick).

When cute and popular new student Rob shows an interest in him, Charlie keeps thinking it must be a mistake, but he soon finds himself with a boyfriend (and even more reason to focus on his dick).

Both Rob and Charlie have parent problems: Rob’s parents are loving and supportive, but his mom is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Charlie’s parents seem headed for a divorce. When Rob’s mom dies things blow up for everyone as Rob’s father is accused of assisted suicide. A little too much detailed jerking-off action for me, but a realistic portrayal of of horny teenage boyhood, and the fact that it was well-written kept me reading. Obviously a good choice for gay teens.

*** A good read.

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