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Rage – A Love Story by Julie Anne Peters

aKnopf, 2009

Lesbian – High School

Johanna has been nursing a wild crush on Reeve, who she scarcely knows. She grasps at the opportunity to make a place in Reeve’s life for herself, even as Reeve pushes her away, and as her friends, and ex-lovers of Reeve’s warn her that she’s getting into trouble. Reeve lives in a home permeated with violence, drug and alcohol abuse. She struggles to survive and protect her brother Robbie, who is perhaps autistic. She can’t risk letting anyone get close to her, and violence is the only way she knows to push people away. Johanna, however, keeps coming back for more, in a pattern that becomes almost impossible to be willing to break.

Teens will find themselves deeply engaged in this very well-written book which deals realistically with the difficult issues raised; however, it is disappointing to read yet another LGBT novel that is so filled with pain and violence and hopeless relationships.


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Water Seekers by Michelle Rode

aPrizm Books, 2008

High School

Set thirty some years after a nuclear apocalypse, the unnamed narrator, a young loner who travels from camp to camp in the Southwest desert looking for work in exchange for food, and especially water, has been listening carefully to discussions and rumors of a place in the North called the Great Lakes where water is supposed to be easy to come by. He plans to travel alone to check these rumors out, but is convinced by Zara, an “old one” (someone who remembers life before the disaster) that traveling in a group would be safer. Ultimately a group ranging in age from the very young to Zara’s crazy mother, with varying survival skills, set forth. They encounter storms, bandits, hostile camps, quicksand, illness, and arguments, as they search for something no one is sure exists.

There are a couple of secondary characters who are lesbians.

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“Mommy, Mama and Me,” and “Daddy, Papa and Me” by Leslea Newman

aTricycle Press, 2009

Lesbian, Gay – Infant/Preschool

Written by the well-known author of  “Heather has Two Mommies,” these two titles are the first board books to focus specifically on same-sex parents. Illustrated by Carol Thompson, they depict loving families in warm, inviting colors, with the brief story about a day in each family told in easy rhyme.

These books will be welcomed by the thousands of same-sex parents looking for books reflective of their families, but all children will enjoy the familiar stories of a day spent with loving parents.

The books have won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Book Award.

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My Invented Life by Lauren Bjorkman

aHenry Holt, 2009

Lesbian/Questioning – High School

Sisters Roz and Eva, a year apart, have always been best friends and confidantes, but suddenly Eva is shutting out Roz, their parents, and her best friend Carmen. Roz is hurt and is looking for reasons for this sudden change in her sister.

Both sisters participate in theatre at school, with Eva always winning the main roles. When Roz wins the role of Rosalind in “As You Like It,” she worries that this is the reason Eva is mad.

When she discovers Eva has a lesbian novel hidden under her covers, she guesses that Eva is a lesbian and is afraid of coming out. Always the more gregarious and impetuous, Roz, whose (male) crush is dating Eva, decides that girls could be a possibility in her future, and decides to come out to pave the way for Eva.

Encountering some unexpected homophobia in the form of name-calling and pranks, even from her sister, Roz plows bravely forward with her new “lifestyle,” and strikes back with pranks and attacks of her own.

Mirroring “As You Like It,” Roz and Carmen, and the members of the drama club all seem to be in love with, or have crushes on the wrong people. And as in the play, all is sorted out in the end, with the “real” lesbian(s) standing up, the sisters reunited, and Roz with a surprising new love interest of her own.

Overlooking the annoying cover photo, this was actually an entertaining light read that teens will enjoy.

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Wanted: A Bird Blacker Bounty-Hunter Mystery by T.I. Alvarado

aAlyson Books, 2006

Lesbian – Adult/Teen Interest

Ladybird “Bird” Blacker is an anal-retentive ex-cop, lesbian bounty hunter who is unlucky in love, and often on the job, working with a partner who practices yoga, doesn’t want to carry a gun, and leaves the bullets out of it when he does.

Bird’s twenty-year-old sister Ruby shows up out of the blue and moves into her tiny apartment with her. Ruby is a slob, she’s dropped out of college, which Bird has been paying for, and she’s all excited about helping Bird with her job, having a TV concept about what all is involved.

Thy catch a tax fraud bail jumper, and then learn he’s the son of the local mob leader. The mob kidnaps Ruby, and Bird tries to arrange an exchange of prisoners. A wild series of mishaps, and violent escapdes occur, with Bird running into her latest ex-lover in an unexpected location and role. Ruby turns out to have some tricks up her sleeve.

A fast, and entertaining read.

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I’ve Known Since I Was Eight by Sophie Glasser

aiUniverse, 2003

Sarah, an eleventh grader, has known that she was a lesbian since she was eight, but this is the year when she finally comes to terms with it. With the support of her bisexual friend Jarod, the only person she feels she can talk to about her feelings, she attends a support group for LGBT teens, and finally manages to come out to the girl she has a crush on, and finally her parents.

Most of her friends are accepting, but Sarah, Jarod, and their dates the prom have to deal with some homophobic violence from other students. Fortunately, their straight friends stand by them, and the teachers are responsive when approached for help.

While there is nothing outstanding about this book, its thin 126 page format is sure to be attractive to reluctant readers.

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Gravity by Leanne Lieberman

aOrca Book Publishers, 2008

Lesbian – High School

Good girl Ellen Gold has been comfortable in her Orthodox Jewish life until she meets and falls for Lindsay. She consults the Torah, and anonymously writes the Rabbi’s wife for advice. In order not to think about her, she memorizes the periodical table, the Latin names of sea stars, pulls out her hair, bites the inside of her cheek until it bleeds, etc.

She finally begins sneaking over to Lindsay’s house after school where she guiltily indulges her desires. With her older sister’s encouragement, she begins to accept herself, and also to realize that Lindsay is not the person she would risk losing her family over. The change in Ellen is a bit too facile, while her angst seems very real.

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