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Fox Bunny Funny by Andy Hartzell

fox_bunny_funny_coverTop Shelf Productions, 2007. ISBN: 189183097X

I have to say at the start, that I am not generally a fan of graphic novels, particularly those without words. However, I think Andy Hartzell has taken on a difficult topic and portrayed it metaphorically in an interesting and successful way.

This story features the life of a young fox, who while able to pass as a successful fox, wishes s/he were really a bunny. During childhood, our protagonist is caught cross-dressing as a bunny, and is packed off to fox camp where horrible and soul-destroying activities include target practice on bunnies, harassing and hunting bunnies, and eating them.

Finally our miserable fox friend escapes to a land where foxes and bunnies are friends, and where s/he has surgery to be transformed into the bunny of hir dreams.

Transgender teens will immediately understand the situation of our young fox, and may find this book a useful way to explain their feelings to others.


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